Introduction to Logic

Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble

Exercises for Section 4:
Tautological Implications and Tautological Equivalences

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Use truth tables to check the following tautologies from the lists at the end of the section.

Show that the following are not tautologies by giving examples of statements p and q for which these implications are false.

Write each of the following in symbolic form, and then decide whether it is a tautology or not.

Communication and Reasoning Exercises

33. How would you convert a tautology of the form AB into a tautological implication?

34. How would you convert a tautology of the form (AB)(CD) into two tautological implications?

35. Complete the following sentence. A tautological equivalence can be expressed as tautological implications.

36. Complete the following sentence. If A(BC) is a tautological implication, then, givenand, we can always deduce .

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