Clearing a Column, or "Pivoting"

(1) Next to the row you want to change, write the name of row you need to change on the left, and the pivot row on the right.

    Row to Change
    Pivot Row

(2) Ignoring signs, decide what positive whole number to multiply each row by so that the row you want to change and the pivot row have the same numerical values in the pivot column. In the situation at hand, the pivot column is


so you can accomplish this by multiplying the first row by 5 and the second by 4. Doing so gives the partial row instruction.

    5 R14 R2.

(3) If the two entries in the pivot column have the same sign, insert a minus (), but if they have different signs, insert a plus (+).

    Here, we get the instruction: 5 R14 R2.

This is the instruction we used.

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