Two Dimensional Differential Equation
Solver and Grapher V 1.0

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Enter your differential equation (DE) or system of two DEs (press the "example" button to see an example). Enter initial conditions (for up to six solution curves), and press "Graph." The numerical results are shown below the graph. (Note: You can use formulas (like "pi" or "sqrt(2)") for Xmin, Xmax, and other fields.)

Note: This grapher uses excanvas, a new feature in Javascript, and it may not run in some older browsers. If you see no large white rectangle on the right, your browser does not understand excanvas. Please use an intelligent browser like the latest Firefox.

Type of Differential Equation:
Single second order DE: x'' = f(x', x, t)
System of first order DEs: x' = f(x, y, t), y' = g(x, y, t)

Input Your Second Order DE Here:
(x'' = function of x', x, and t')
x'' =


Input your system of DEs here:

(x and y = functions of x, y, t)
x' =
y' =

tMin:     tMax:
Initial conditions (at t = tMin) (up to 6):
(x, x') for a second order DE or
(x, y) for a system:

Graph Settings
xMin:     xMax:     Auto
yMin:     yMax:     Auto
X-Gridlines every: units
Y-Gridlines every: units
(Uncheck "Auto" and leave blank for no gridlines.)

Numerical coordinates of the solution curves will appear here

Last Updated: September 22, 2006
Copyright © 2006 Stefan Waner