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If you got here from the outside world, press here to bring up the frames that will allow you to use this utility and navigate our web site.

Scroll down and enter your values for x and y below (leave the third column blank -- this will show the values predicted by the regression model). Arithmetic expressions such as 2/3 or 3+(4*pi) are fine. Then press the button (in the bottom right-hand frame) corresponding to the kind of regression equation you want. (For example, press the " y = mx + b" button for linear regression.) After that, you can obtain a graph of the points you entered and the regression curve by pressing "Graph." (Have patience while it constructs the graph -- Javascript does not have a native graphics canvas, so we had to create one...)

Accuracy The algorithm is written to round all output to no more than 11 significant digits. Further, all numbers of magnitude less that 10-12 are presented as zero.

The Regression Equation will appear here.

Correlation Coefficient:

x-Valuey-ValuePredicted ValueResidual

Last Updated: July, 2001
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