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Finite Mathematics
(2nd. Ed.)

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To use the utility, fill in any five of the six fields and press "Compute" to obtain the missing quantity.

Note:We use the following convention, similar to that in standard financial calculators, the TI-83, and Excel:

If a quantity is paid out, it is entered as negative.

FV =
PV =
r =
m =
t =


FV = Future Value of AnnuityFV = 23000 if you want an account to pay you $23,000 in the future.
PV = Present Value of AnnuityPV = -5000 if you pay $5,000 into the new account now.
PMT = PaymentPMT = -100 if you pay $100 into the account at the end of each compounding period.
r = annual interest rater = 5%       (or 0.05) if the account pays 5% per year.
m = number of compounding periods per year       m = 12 if the payments and interest are payed monthly .
t = number of yearst = 10 if the payments continue for 10 years.


Last Updated: January, 2009
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