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finite mathematics & applied calculus: everything!
Following the table of contents in Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus 8e
Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble

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Chapter L: Introduction to logic
An expanded version of Appendix A in the textbook. A complete text version of this chapter can be downloaded here.
L.1 Statements and logical operators
L.2 Logical equivalence, tautologies and contradictions
L.3 The conditional and the biconditional
L.4 Tautological implications and tautological equivalences
L.5 Rules of inference
L.6 Arguments and proofs
L.7 Predicate calculus

Chapter S: Sequences, series, and Taylor series
Text and exercises online
S.1 Taylor polynomials
S.2 Infinite sequences
S.3 Infinite series
S.4 Taylor series
S.5 Applications of Taylor series
Chapter S Case study:  Predicting sales

Chapter P: Calculus applied to probability and statistics
Text and exercises online; a complete text version of this chapter can be downloaded here.
P.1 Continuous random variables and histograms
P.2 Probability density functions: Uniform, exponential, normal, and beta
P.3 Mean, median, variance and standard deviation
Chapter P Case study:  Creating a family trust