Horizontal and vertical flips

#[Horizontal flip][Voltereta horizontal]#
  • Replacing $x$ by the quantity $(-x)$ flips the graph horizontally about the $y$-axis.
#[Vertical flip][Voltereta vertical]#
  • Replacing $f(x)$ by $-f(x)$ flips the graph vertically about the $x$-axis.

#[Let $f(x) = x^2-2x$. Try to visualize the effect of each flip and how it affects the graph of $f$ before pressing the buttons below.][Sea $f(x) = x^2-2x$. Trata de visualizar el efecto de cada voltereta y cómo afecta la la gráfica antes de presionar los botones abajo.]#
$\color{teal}{f(x) = x^2-2x}$