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Applied calculus utility: function evaluator and grapher (v 3.4)
This grapher has been updated! Take me to the new version.

This is version 3.4. Use this link to return to the earlier version 3.3. Reports of any errors or issues to the will be greatly appreciated and acted on promptly.

Use of this system is pretty intuitive if you use the "Examples" buttons. For more details, press the link. This grapher uses canvas, a feature in Javascript that may not run in some older browsers. If you see no large coordinate plane on the right you will need to use this older version 2.0 until you move to a new standards-compliant browser like the latest Firefox or Safari.

The curve-fit algorithm used here makes extensive use of the code in John C. Pezzullo's Nonlinear Least Squares Regression page, and was used here with his kind permission. Any errors in the current adaptation are mine and not his.
   y1 =
   y2 =
   y3 =
   y4 =
   y5 =


Graph Settings
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(Decrease for more speed; increase for pathological curves.)

Points and Curve-Fit
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y =
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Grapher last updated: April 21, 2010
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